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We are providing carriers, enterprises and businesses with proven solutions for premium rate data, messaging and voice applications


Premium Rate Services are used to provide services with an added value, rates used are higher than usual and a part of the paid amount is forwarded to the service provider.

Premiatel is offering IPRS numbers to corporates of all sizes who would like to fund their business via calls.

In contrast with ordinary premium rate numbers IPRN numbers are accessible all around the world, which gives an opportunity to reach other foreign markets. Our revenue share numbers can help you monetize more money giving you the access to global market.

International Premium Rate Numbers – is the most popular payment method assessed the user for the use of a variety information and entertainment services


Factors of services popularity popularity

• No need to register user’s payment card or to share your personal details to make a payment.
• Strong reputation of services
• Guaranteed availability of payment systems around the world 24*7
• Competitive pricing policy for content generators
• Flexible payment policy
• Personalized approach and solutions
• The ability to ensure real-time monitoring

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