We are experts at providing business outsourcing services and cloud solutions

Premiatel offers a portfolio of business telecommunications services to customers of all sizes across many sectors. As a comprehensive outsourcing provider, Premiatel specializes in offering sophisticated Business, Network, and Telecom Management solutions for multi-location customers.

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We understand the importance of services that meet your unique needs

By choosing Premiatel as your service provider, we give your business the convenience, reliability and competitive pricing that only we can provide.
Our products are segmented by industry (Internet Service Providers, Private Business, Goverment, Professional Services, and Retail) and focus on delivering tailored business telecommunications solutions.


If your business already has its own equipment, but still wants the advantage of being hosted in a data center, the dedicated colocation hosting services may be right for you.

All of our colocation services data center facilities are temperature controlled environments with carefully maintained emergency back-up power and self healing fiber optic networks to ensure the solid reliability that our customers demand.

Call Center Services

Our state of the art call center can provide live operator, live chat and web based support.

Our services include inbound and outbound telemarketing, toll free services, live web chat, help desk, conference and seminar registration, email response services, conference & seminar registration, appointment scheduling, virtual receptionist, and general call center services.

Virtual Office

Our telephone answering platform is available either as a simple message taking service or a more complete call forwarding solution including access to logs and CRM integration.

Our professionally trained virtual assistants will answer your business telephone calls, from our premises, live in your own company name.


Accelerate your transformation and solution delivery while keeping them cost-effective with Premiatel Telecom expertise

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